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Nur Maisarah

Hello i am Mai,

My vision for the new term is to foster a strong sense of community among FIST students.

We'll achieve this by organizing events tailored to your preferences (the FIST faculty students), ensuring active participation and effective continuous learning experience. A chill IT sharing? Fun game session? Internal competition? You name it! I believe these activities with the inclusivity of the members will not only enrich your overall university experience but also strengthen our bonds!

Additionally, we aim to create a robust platform that connects the FIST community, addressing both academic and extracurricular needs, such as competitions and internship opportunities.

This new robust platform will facilitate senior-junior relations, enabling students to support each other academically and share diverse IT-related knowledge, potentially expanding our IT student community in MMU.

We would like to also focus on building more connections with external companies. This will open doors for valuable collaborations, enhancing our members' professional growth and opportunities beyond the university.

Together, we'll create an inclusive, dynamic and exciting environment for the FIST community to thrive.

Candidate 2

Lim Kai En

Hello i am Kai En,
Here's what I have planned for the future: 
Coding competition:

organizing such events will not only be a platform to showcase your coding prowess but also an opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. We'll havechallenging problems that cater to different skill levels, ensuring everyone can participate and grow.

Workshops and Skill-building Sessions:

including web development, cybersecurity, or AI, will provide

hands-on experience and guidance to empower the students with practical skills that go beyond the class.

Industry Connections

It is extremely important of building connection with the industry. We'll work towards organizing industry visits, inviting guest speakers, and creating internship opportunities. These experiences will bridge the gap between academia and industry, preparing us for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Networking events

Organize networking events which is an excellent opportunity to expand our professional networks, share experiences, and explore potential career paths.

Posted on : January 8, 2024 1:41 pm